Saturday, June 4, 2011

ugh! lessons learned :-(

Have you ever had one of those moments??

Lesson #1
There's no telling how many opportunities I've missed due to my inexperience.  I'm a newbie to the blog world.  I started my first blog and started reading other blogs in Jan 2011.  I've been entering giveaways for several months now.  Most bloggers require a follow as part of the giveaway.  So I click the follow button and sit back and wait for my name to be published as the winner.  I check my google reader feed a couple of times a day since it's on my igoogle site.  Nothing,.... I've won nothing (well, keep reading on to lesson #2) All this time I thought when I followed someone their blog updates would show up in my google reader.  Wrong! ! !  Lesson #1 was learned today when I was clicking through the blogger site.  I have to actually add the blogs to my subscription or go to blogger and read the updates.  Oh well, I know now, right?

Lesson #2
Not all giveaways are really giveaways.  I was contacted through my gmail address that I was the winner of a Merrell  Paceglove giveaway on the Running and Rambling  blog.  I was sooooo excited.  I'm also a new runner and have heard so much about the minimalistic running trend and have been wondering how to transition from traditional shoes without spending a fortune on gear.  I sent my contact info like requested and that's the last I heard from him or her.  Three weeks later, I still haven't heard anything from the Merrell rep or from the owner of the blog.  Now I don't really blame Merrell but I'm a little disappointed with  Running and Rambling.  Oh well, lessons learned. :-(

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  1. I am a novice at blogging and have figured out some things the hard way too. If you enter enough giveaways, you are bound to win eventually. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.