Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011 Run Report

Things I learned this morning on my run...

1.  We don't say thank you enough.
Not just to our troops but to all those people that affect our daily lives.

2.  Summer arrived on time this year!
It is forecasted to be 95 today so I wanted to run early to beat the heat.  When I left it was 77 and when I returned home it was 84 at 9:30

3.  Fried Chicken and Mac-n-Cheese is not good fuel for running.
Now, don't get to thinking that I ate fried chicken and mac-n-cheese for breakfast! :-)  But, that's the last thing I'd eaten before my run.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

2 more pounds! !! :-)

P90X is working! ! !  I've lost 2 pounds in 10 days! ! !

I've been running since February and until now only lost 2 pounds but after starting P90X a couple of weeks ago I believe I've broken through the plateau.  So, officially I've lost 4 pounds since Feb. 25th when I started my "get fit not lose weight but it'd be great to lose some weight" journey.

I hope the trend continues, stay tuned for more updates


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, since I've been at this running thing for 4 months now and lost 2 whopping pounds, I've decided to supplement my running program with P90X.  I'm not sure why people look at my like I've lost my mind.  I wonder if anyone out there in bloggerland has any experience with P90X plyometrics?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Squeaky shoes

Did you know that squeaky shoes is a sign that you have a pair of DEFECTIVE shoes?

I was out running errands with the hubs this morning and was bored to tears.  He stopped to pick up a few things so he dropped me off at the local sporting goods store, (since he knows how much I love to go in there).  While in the store the manager came over and asked how I like my Nike Vomero's, otherwise known as the pillows I strap to my feet to run down the road.  I told him that I absolutely love my shoes.  They are actually the best feeling running shoes I've ever put on my feet.  I happened to mention that the right shoe squeaks. He asked me to take it off and he quickly discovered that I have a defective air pocket in the sole of the shoe about where the ball of my foot fits.  Hum, I said.  I thought squeaky shoes were just that.... squeaky shoes.  Well, to make a long story short, .... he is checking the other stores to see if he can find another pair so we can switch out the bad pair for a brand new pair.  In the meantime.  I'm squeaking and loving knowing that I'm about to get a brand new pair of running shoes without having to fork out another $100.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

not gonna make my goal :-(

I set a goal of running 40 miles for the month of May.  So far I've got 10.  Pretty pathetic isn't it?!

I never ran in the rain til my 5k a month ago.  Since then I've realized that I really won't melt in the rain, I just have to make a few modifications.  I keep a plastic bag for my blackberry and a visor to keep the rain out of my face.  I can't however make any modifications for mother nature.  When she wants to throw down severe thunderstorms, I just can't find the guts to go out.

I got 2 miles in yesterday and since I'm really trying to stay injury free I'm only running every other day, so tomorrow will be my next workout.  I'm hoping for at least 4 but there are more storms predicted so who knows what will happen.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My first 5K

Last weekend my hubby and I participated in our first ever 5k race, and the whole experience was amazing.
The morning of the race the weather was horrible!  Pouring rain! ! !  I have never run in the rain, sprinkles yes but not full blown rain.  On the way to the race check in we discussed my goal for a finishing time.  Given the weather conditions I knew better than to expect my training time of 34 min so I added ten min and wished to finish under 44.  My official finishing place was 241 out of over 600 and my time was 42:11.  Not bad with all that was going against me that day.  I'll do better on the next one.  I have a PR that I could beat walking :-)