Friday, December 23, 2011

My legs are wrecked

I finished C25K W1D3 today!... But I think I've wrecked my legs.

Let me remind you that my last day of running any length at all was Aug 29 so I've started over with the C25K plan.  While training over the summer I built up quite a running base.  I was running 4 miles a few times a week, so my heart and lungs were strong and in good shape.

While my heart rate and breathing were not a problem during the last week my legs were hurting.  It's hard to believe that I could get in this bad of shape in 3 1/2 months but I'm glad that my problems are just in my legs.

I've done the warm-up walking routine and I've stretched afterwards so the only thing I know to do now is to add stretches before my workout.  I might even look into some compression socks but I don't know much about compression so if you're reading this and can help me out please comment. :-)

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