Sunday, December 18, 2011

Starting Over

Cool Runnings.... I think I love you!
Actually I love who ever created the Couch to 5K running plan  for beginners.

I haven't run since August 29.  There really isn't a good logical reason for my lapse in exercise like an injury or illness.  Nope, it was just pure laziness, lack of motivation, maybe even a little of me thinking that I just didn't have time to run.  Yeah, I know those are all only excuses and pretty lame ones at that even.

I'm not sure what spurred my need for "sucking air" but something sparked me last week to take a walk at lunch and it felt good.  So good in fact that I did it again the next day.  After that those Kentucky rains set in and with the winter solstice coming, the sun has been set before I got home in time to run. (more excuses)

I started running during the spring of 2010, right before my birthday.  Everything went great all the way through week 7 then I quit when the weather got warm.  I started over for the first time last spring bound and determined that I wasn't going to quit when the weather got warm.  I bought dri-fit shirts and shorts, lots of powerade and even one of the coolest things I've ever seen, a frog tog towel.  I even ran my first 5k after completing the C25K plan.  But...I ended up quitting once school started.  (refer back to my list of excuses)

Well, this morning I went back to the C25K plan and started over once again with week 1 day 1 and felt absolutely great at the end.  I've had so much energy all day. There really isn't a good enough excuse to not exercise, so my plan is to follow the plan one more time and see how far it takes me.  Who knows maybe I'll graduate to Gateway to 8K or even the Freeway to 10K plans.


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