Sunday, March 6, 2011

First Post

If you've happened on this page, I'm sorry.

This is a blog in progress.  I have posted part of my C25K diary from a different blog I keep as my first post.  I'm hoping to blog here about my running episodes.

Please check back in a few days, as it will be updated and be better organized. I promise.

3/6/11 - I had company for W3D2.  The Hubs decided I was having too much fun without him so he went with me.  No not really.  I think I finally wore him down with asking that he join in that he finally caved.  At the end of the 30 min I was breathing harder than he was.  boo on that.... I've been busting my tail for 3 weeks and he's in better shape than me??  (raising eyebrows) I'm just competitive enough to step up my training next week.  We'll see what next weekend brings.  :)

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