Monday, March 21, 2011

Love at first step

imgres.jpgAHHHHHH! ! ! ! !  That's all I can say about my new shoes! ! ! !

The shoes actually feel like pillows strapped to my feet.  My hubby laughs at me but my time went from 9:18 to 9:03.  That's 45 secs over the 3 miles I ran.  Man, I told him that's almost a minute. :-)  We're really having a good time with the whole time thing but anyway on with my report.

The shoes are really great.  I've run in them twice now and my feet and legs feel like they've never felt before.  I could probably run my W5D3 20 minute run with no problem on Wednesday but I'm getting a bit   nervous.  I'll have to let you know how it goes.

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