Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm such a slacker... I really need a good kick in the hind end

I've just realized that I haven't blogged since January.  I can make lots of excuses... mainly life... but who doesn't put life at the top of their excuse list?

I going to make a promise to myself to blog at least once a week for the summer and see what happens.  How hard could it be, really??

Some of my topics will be; my brand new running shoes, (I just got them today), my hike through "Dry Fork Gorge", the chicken coop, and just other random topics that come up along the way.

I'm also going to end each one with a gratitude journal.  I've seen this on several blogs lately and I really like how it's done.

So, here's to the end of this blog and the beginning of another :-)


Gratitude Journal
I'm thankful for my mailman.  He's been carrying the mail for over 36 years and he delivered my new shoes today.  I can't wait to run in them this evening :-)

I'm thankful for air conditioning.  With a heat index near 100 today it's really nice to be able to sit inside when it's soooo hot outside.

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