Friday, June 22, 2012

New Year's Resolution MID YEAR UPDATE

It's almost mid year and I've been doing a little retrospecting lately.  

I ran across this old blog post and it made me re-visit my goals for 2012.  Do you ever do this??  I've made resolutions in the past but never really think about them until Dec and then get all depressed because I didn't lose the weight or didn't do whatever the goal was for the year.  

I think it's good to look back and sort of "re-focus"  I've not changed one bit of my original post made on Dec 31, 2011.  I have only added the red text to offer my update on my progress.  


New Year's Eve 2011

It's hard to believe that 2011 is only hours away from being over and a new year is on the horizon.  There have been some wonderful things happen in my life in 2011 and with the good there have been some bad.  One of the biggest is my commitment to healthy living.  My family has eaten more fruits and veggies this year than EVER! ! !  I have logged 176 miles on daily mile and am continuing on my journey to live to 100.

Instead of reminiscing about  2011 I'd rather focus on what 2012 will bring, so here are a few of my goals...

eat more fresh veggies
(We are eating lots & Lots & LOTS of veggies. In fact, the fella at the local fruit & veggie market mentioned to me that I need a frequent shopper card.... too bad they don't have one)
be more grateful (Started a Gratitude Journal)
stress less (Still working on this one.  Being a high school teacher was almost over the top last school year.  I'm moving back to middle school for the upcoming year with hopes things will be a bit better)
drink more wine (Always a work in progress, but even planted some vines this year)
read more (5 books about running, 5 books about teaching and 5 books just for fun) (Can we say 50 shades??)

are you seeing a pattern?

I'd like to set a goal of 600 miles for 2012.  That would be 50 miles per month.  Part of me thinks this is very ambitious for me since I only logged 176 for 2011 but with the right focus and encouragement I will meet this goal by August.

Not doing as well as I'd hoped on this goal.  I coach high school tennis and didn't get much dedicated "run time" in during Feb, Mar & Apr. but I'm logging about 30 miles per month. I probably wont make the goal of 600 but I'm making progress on 50 miles per month so I'm happy.  I've almost reached my total miles for 2011 and the year is only half over.

Happy New Year's to each and every one of you.  I hope your 2012 brings you good wishes and healthy living.


Did you make a New Year's Resolution for 2012?  How are you doing on your goals?  I'd love to read about your progress so tell me in a comment below.

Gratitude Journal

I'm so thankful that my hubby is in a cleaning mood.  He is usually a pack rat and as I type this he is cleaning out and throwing away.  Thank you Jesus! :-)