Friday, June 8, 2012

I hate Hate HATE my new Karhu running shoes

I was so excited to get my new running shoes.  Instead of getting a new pair of my good old faithfuls (Nike Air Pegasus), I opted to order a pair of Karhu fluid 2 forward running shoes.  These are the ones all those "real runners" wear.  They were on sale and I thought, at the time, I was getting a great deal.


I didn't!

Now I'm stuck with a pair of shoes that hurt my lower legs when I run.  They do fine when I'm wearing them around the house, running errands and even playing tennis.  They feel really good for just casual wear.  But..... and it's a big but (not mine... lol), I can't run for longer that 3 minutes without my lower legs killing me.

I've tried stretching before, during and after my runs.  I've tried slowing my pace.  The snails were passing me.  Nothing worked.

I'm gonna have to break over and buy another pair of running shoes.  I'm going straight for the Nike Air Pegasus size 7 in some really cool color.

  I've got a pair of size 7 barely worn for 2 weeks that I'd love to sell.  The first person to show me $50 gets em. :-)

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